Artist Statement:

In my artwork, I seek to create cohesive abstract narratives that deal with concepts of identity, place and moments in time. My process begins with a visual idea or an emotion. I seek out juxtapositions of found paper scraps, photographs, illustrations, metal, wood and ceramic that expand my original concept. This process of finding images and objects is essential to my artwork as it lends it's own life to my ideas. These collages are often finished with other media such as ink, thread or pencil to complete each cohesive image. The final artwork consists of a single visualization that allows each viewer to find their own narrative within its bounds.


As both a designer and artist, I have the opportunity to be a visual communicator, a deliverer of ideas. The everyday and extraordinary all have stories behind them, ideas and reasons for their being. My job is to tell those stories, breathing concepts to life visually and experientially. I have a BFA in industrial design from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a minor in art history. Currently, I am the Media & Communications Director at Trinity Bible Church in Lafayette, LA, where I design for print & web, manage websites & social media and support the church creatively. My artwork has been shown in museums and galleries across the U.S. including; The Ogden Museum of Southern Art (New Orleans), The Capitol Park Museum (Baton Rouge), Acadiana Center for the Arts (Lafayette), The Shaw Center for the Arts (Baton Rouge), Krannert Art Museum (Champaign), The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (Cleveland), Artmosphere (Lafayette) among others. I am currently seeking new opportunities to show my artwork.

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